Multi-Scale Protein Language Model for Unified Molecular Modeling

Published in Under Review, 2023

Siyu Long∗, Kangjie Zheng∗, Tianyu Lu, Xinyu Dai, Ming Zhang, Zaiqing Nie, Wei-Ying Ma, Hao Zhou (* equal contribution)

Protein language models have shown great potential in protein engineering. However, the current protein language models mainly work in the residue scale, which cannot offer information in the atom scale. The strong power of protein language models could not be fully exploited to benefit the applications that cross protein and small molecules. In this paper, we propose ms-ESM (multi-scale ESM) to realize the multi-scale unified molecular modeling by pre-training on multi-scale code-switch protein sequence and describing relationships among residues and atoms with a multi-scale position encoding. Experimental results show that msESM outperforms previous methods in protein-molecule tasks and is on par with the state-of-the-art in protein-only and molecule-only tasks.

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